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The Expanded View

About My Book

"The Expanded View, Laura A. Brusca guides the reader toward a broader understanding of sacred teachings asserted by Spiritually Enlightened Masters and Mystics, revealing key principles that take us beyond spiritual development to complete conscious expansion. This book moves us past ordinary belief, and explores belief founded on wisdom, while confirming that we can live beyond the confines of duality in a space of oneness, also known as advaita. The Expanded View also highlights some language barriers that block us from true understanding and keep us confined in limited beliefs. Laura brings an inspiring message through commentaries on the revelations of multiple masters who seek to guide us out of darkness and into a world of unencumbered joy. She attempts to bring new insight and understanding of spiritual scripture that has been honored and worshiped by many, but often misunderstood. It is her mission, not to necessarily change, but widen the view to which we see our universe and empower our quest for enlightenment."

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