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Numerology is the science of numbers. Each person has their own set of numbers, based on the month, day and year that they were born into this world. All people are unique, therefore their set of numbers will be unique to the way they “play” that number, given their individual attitudes, relationships, and environment.

Starcode of Destiny Numerology is an ancient system of numerology dating back thousands of years, based on the wisdom of the ancient yogis of India. There are other systems of numerology as well, but it is believed the Starcode of Destiny system is the most accurate system available today.

Each soul has a destiny cycle, and when it moves through that cycle in alignment with Divine Will it is sure to reach its joy-filled Destiny.

Most of us spend a great part of our life, reacting and resisting instead of “flowing” through life. When we move through life in a resistant, reactive way, we create Karma (the law of cause and effect) and loose track of our true nature, our true destiny. With an understanding of our numerology chart, we can see the best way to get back on track and take a smoother course to our destiny.

When using this plan of numbers, we will discover:

Your gifts and challenges. What elevates you most and makes you happiest. What you need to do to master this life. Your karma and your destiny. Your personal change cycles, along with the master cycles that affect us all. Your special numerology chart will give you the keys you need to unlock the door of personal life fulfillment.

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