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Transformational Life Coaching

Life coaching is an effective methodology that literally propels you into action toward a life that is inspired, empowered and fulfilled. There are times when we feel stuck, as if our lives are on hold. We experience the same old life occurrences happening over and over again. We wonder why no matter how hard we try to go forward, we seem to land in the same place. Unlike therapy which focuses on the past (and certainly has it’s place in personal development), life coaching meets you where you are in the present and assists you in moving forward into a future that you love. Movement is generated when we no longer live in the excuses, and reasons and old stories that keep us stuck in the past, rotating around the same old life issues over and over again as if we were a revolving door.

Life coaching can produce extraordinary results in clarifying our goals, our values and our life purpose. It can produce big results in any area of your life including family and friends, career, money, health, intimate relationships, self-discovery and self-transformation. A life coach can support you in breaking down “barriers” that are keeping you from experiencing life to its fullest. When we become clearer about the direction we want to take and when we have broken through all the reasons why we can’t, then we naturally commit ourselves fully and completely to a life worth living. When movement happens, results happen. We can operate at 100% of our potential.

Life coaches use powerful questions in a certain way that cause a person to find their own answers and their own solutions. People often find that they always knew the the answers but just hadn’t realized it so clearly. The best knowledge a person can have is self-realized knowledge. With this type of knowledge, you start to live your life by choice, and with purpose, rather than at the effect of your circumstances.

So begin expanding your awareness through the art of powerful questioning methodologies that will promote enough insight and will power for you to take the next step forward into a life you love.

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