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Laura is a graduate of the award-winning school, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she received her Certification as a Transformational Life Coach and also holds a Diploma in Hypnotherapy.


Laura holds a Bachelor of Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.


Over the last 35 years, she has also studied both independently and accredited in areas of World Religion, Astrology, Numerology, Sacred sound, Yoga and Self-Realization, and holds many certifications in areas such as Herbology, Oriental Theory, Subconscious Intervention, Intuitive and Symbolic Interpretation, and Nithyananda Spiritual Healing.


Laura has studied Independently with Florida Vedic Institute, Yogic Mystery School, and Nithyananda University.


Laura is a devotee of the Enlightened Master, Sri Bhagwan Nithyananda Paramashivam, and continues her quest for enlightenment under his divine guidance.


Laura is initiated in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga and is a member of Self-Realization Fellowship.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Laura moved to Arizona in 1992. She currently lives in Phoenix.

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‘Laura is both knowledgeable and inspiring’.



“Laura introduced me to many spiritual teachings and practices that, up to this very day, help guide me through life and it’s many trials. The knowledge she gave me turned into strength that then turned into endless love that i’ll forever cherish and take with me.”


"Laura is a rare person who combines her intellect and scientific inquiry with spiritual seeking. She is willing to look at various traditions and religions dispassionately and seeks to find unity rather than their differences. Laura has first hand knowledge and experience with masters of various spiritual streams and I enjoy reading her articles and am looking forward to her upcoming book."


"I've known Laura for over 10 years. She has always been a great advisor for alternative health recommendations."

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